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Lesson: Grammar

Subject - Verb Agreement

Howdy, Englinesians?! Subject and verb agreement is the first topic that I firstly taught when I learned English. Then, you should have it too in learning bahasa Indonesia. Let’s have a learn.

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Howdy, Englinesians? In this lesson, you will learn the numbers and how to say them in bahasa Indonesia. It is very important for you whether you are charged to learn it in school/university or you want to travel to Indonesia, this lesson will be very useful, especially in dealing with case that requires you to use them such as case that deals with money. Read more

World Country Names in Bahasa Indonesia

Most of the world country names are similar both in written and spoken form. However, bahasa Indonesia has its own world country names. Here they are.

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Personal Pronoun in Bahasa Indonesia

Just like English, bahasa Indonesia also recognizes personal pronouns that are associated with grammatical persons including first, second, and third person.

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Telling The Time in bahasa Indonesia

In telling the time in bahasa Indonesia, there are only few terms that you should recognize. In this lesson, you will learn how to tell the time in bahasa Indonesia.

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Vocal and Consonant

You are suggested to read The Alphabet before reading this lesson. This one is about how vocal and consonant letters are pronounced in bahasa Indonesia. This lesson is a bit tricky, but it is easy. Read more


Bahasa Indonesia recognizes universal latin alphabet as English does and it does not recognize any special letter. The main significant difference is only on how each is pronounced. In this lesson, Englinesian attaches a podcast eposide that you can hear on the go to learn how to pronounce alphabet in bahasa Indonesia. Read more